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  • The 25% bonus every time you redeposit makes your money go miles further.
  • Butler's Bingo is the perfect place for bingo beginners too-- there is oodles of interesting bingo lingo and information on how to play the game.


  • As much as we love the dashingly handsome Butler, we really think his site could do with a bit of a tidy up – it’s a little bit on the cluttered side, and sometimes we can't find our way around. Also, why does a butler need a personal assistant? Only joking, we love you really, Astrid!

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Butler's Bingo


It's time to enjoy ‘bingo served to you on a silver platter’ with Butler’s Bingo. The Butler has been polishing his bingo balls very hard, getting ready to welcome you to his luxurious online bingo experience. You will be waited on hand and foot, from the moment you sign up for your £10 no deposit required bonus, to the second you cash in your 300% deposit match.


The Butler himself is alleged to have created Butler’s Bingo -- he loved bingo so much he just had to create his own site. We have a feeling he did it with more than a bit of help from Astrid his Bingo Gal assistant. Launched in July 2010, Butler’s Bingo really should have silver balls – it’s that posh!


Butler’s Bingo uses the latest Microgaming software. It is as smooth as the Butler’s Brylcreemed hair, and moves quicker than the Butler dashing off to get you your next Pimms and lemonade.


The Butler loves to introduce new friends to each other, just like at the very best parties. You'll be mingling with the best of them in no time. All that's missing now is a tray of canapés! And possibly a cheeky glass of champagne ...


An assorted bunch of wonderful people from all over the world. Knowledgeable, helpful and friendly, you can read their personal profiles to get to know them better. Seems like the Butler has excellent interview skills -- the clever old thing he is.

Customer Service

Astrid the Bingo Gal loves to help players with problems. Should the need arise, you can contact her by filling in a quick form and she will get back to you as soon as possible with the answer to your query.

The Butler has a long list of FAQs -- he tries very hard to answer your questions -- and that's why we love him so.

Introductory Offer

The Butler goes out of his way to lavish treats on you from the moment you join up. So look out for a £10 free bingo bonus no deposit required, a 300% deposit match, and 50% on future deposits. Generosity is the Butler's middle name. Although we have no idea what his surname may be.

Games Selections

The Butler has a superb selection of 90 and 75 ball games -- of course, he likes everything to run like clockwork, so see his comprehensive schedule for details.

The Butler also likes to wow his members with a spot of casino action and do look out for his ever-changing variety of instant games. The Butler keeps them bang up-to-date, and virtually every time you check back in, there will be new games to sample.


Every month is your chance to win the Mega Pot -- here's hoping the Butler lets you get your hands on it -- it can reach up to £1500.

And watch out for that towering progressive jackpot -- you can trigger it if you bingo in 36 balls or less. The Butler likes to keep his progressive jackpots topped up -- who knows how much you will win?

The Butler goes to great lengths to keep his players entertained, which is why you can find a super selection of themed promotions running every month. Based on music, holidays, partying or seasonal themes, there is never a dull moment when the Butler is around.

Our Verdict

A spiffing site to play at! We can't get enough of the Butler's hospitality, and clever Astrid the Bingo Gal really livens up our day. We'd love to have them over for dinner -- do you think that could be arranged?

Bonus Details

Get £10 Free, No Deposit Required at Butler's Bingo.

No Deposit Bonus


First Deposit Bonus


% Cash Match


Bonus Summary

Now you can get more out of your first deposit and redeposits at Butler's Bingo.

For a limited period only, until 31st October 2011, Butler’s Bingo will be increasing their first deposit bonus from 200% to 300% and the redeposit bonus from 25% to 50%. There will be no change in the ‘£10 no deposit bonus offer’, which means new players can get £50 to play with when they deposit £10.

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