Top 10 places to play 75 bingo

Tanya Munshi in Bingo Games 9 Dec 2015
Here is our list of top 10 bingo rooms offer you a UK twist on an American classic where you can enjoy the best of 75-ball bingo games:

Top 10 places to play 75 bingo

If you’re looking to play 75 Ball bingo games, here’s our list of the top 10 bingo rooms which have exciting games, take a look – 

These top 10 bingo rooms offer you a UK twist on an American classic where you can enjoy the best of 75-ball bingo which consist fun pattern games, friendly rooms and loads of big prizes to be won; just cross off your numbers and find your winning pattern in the 5 x 5 square and you’re ready to win.

1. Ladbrokes Bingo
Top 10 places to play 75 bingo
Ladbrokes Bingo has a few top 75 ball bingo games where you can play to win.

The Treehouse
This one’s the latest addition to their range of 75-Ball bingo rooms that’s open on all days where you can enjoy the usual 5 lines, 5 chances to win.

We did a quick stopover at The Treehouse where they have two prizes to give away - a Cash Climber at £3,717 and a cash prize of £500 as a 46 Ball Bonus as well as the following lines - 2 Lines - £4.98, 3 Lines - £6.48, 4 Lines - £8.97 and 5 Lines - £11.96. The room is buzzing with bingo players where CM_Jan will keep you updated of the various tickets, prices, prizes and winners during the game.

The other equally popular 75 ball bingo games are -

Deal or No Deal 75
This one’s based on the popular TV show, Deal or No Deal 75 combines all the fun and prizes of 75-ball Bingo with an additional feature game for full-house winners. Deal or No Deal 75 is open from 11am-1am every day; log in to play for big wins.

The Snug opens from 12pm to Midnight, every day of the week at Ladbrokes Bingo and this is where you can meet fellow 75-Ball roomies for a good chat and the added bonus of good value games for your enjoyment.

Room with a View
For those who love playing Pattern Bingo, drop by in Ladbrokes Bingo’s Room With a View between 4pm-11.30pm every day for some crazy pattern games and rewards.

2. bet365 Bingo
Top 10 places to play 75 bingo
We logged into a game of ‘A Night on the Town’ at bet365 Bingo where you can buy single tickets or strips. A strip contains 3 tickets that will consists of all 75 numbers across the three tickets. You also get the Middle Square on each ticket absolutely free. 

Win the first prize by completing any single line vertically, horizontally or diagonally. The second prize can be won by achieving any two lines horizontally then there lines until five lines on the ticket are complete.

There are two jackpots in this game - the Standard Jackpot that can be won by getting the Coverall in 46 calls or less. The Progressive Jackpot can be won by getting the Coverall in 42 calls or less. 

The Night on the Town has two main prizes to give away - a Disco Diva worth £3,717 and Glitter Ball Bonus at £500 where 1 line is for £0.40, £2 Line for £4.07, 3 lines for £5.29, 4 lines at £7.32 and 5 lines at £9.78.

Chat Master Lacey will keep you on your bingo toes while all the bingo players in the chat room keep winning one of the lines.

The other rewarding 75 ball bingo games at bet365 Bingo that you should try are Street Style Room, Tinsel Town and Deal or No Deal 75.

Top 10 places to play 75 bingo
3. 888ladies
For all new players, 888ladies gives you a chance to play for free in their 75 ball £888 Free Newbie Bingo with absolutely no deposit required for three days after you sign up.

You can play every day from midday to 10pm with eight daily jackpot games of £30 and two games of £28. Claim your free cards now, plus make your first time deposit of £10 today and get £35 free to play.

888ladies also has 1TG Flamenco that’s open from 7pm to midnight, Ladies First, that’ll run from 9am to 2am and Studio 75 - all these rooms are funded where you need to make a minimum deposit to enter and play.

4. Paddy Power Bingo
One of Paddy Power Bingo’s rewarding 75 ball games are the Diamond Room which is a ‘Morning 5-a side’ bingo game with two jackpots to be won- the Standard Jackpot and the Progressive Jackpot.

While you can aim for the two jackpots the Diamond Pot at €3,717 and a Diamond Ring at €500, you can also stand a chance to win one of the following lines - 1 line - €1.93, 2 Lines - €11.63, 3 Lines -  €15.11, 4 Lines - €20.91 and 5 Lines -a €29.04.

Other top 75 ball rooms are - Pearl room, Deal or No Deal Bingo 75, Green Room and Pick and Mix Room.

5. Posh Bingo
Top 10 places to play 75 bingo
The very stylish Posh Bingo has a 75 Ball free bingo game called New Fashionistas where a £20 JP can be won every hour and the best part is, the room is free on your first three days of signing up. 

This newbie bingo game will run every day from 7am to 10am and the £20 Jackpot will be divided into £5 bonuses, 2,000 LPs and 1,000 LPs; are you ready for your big sign up win?

The other fun 75 Ball rooms to look out for are Chatterbox, where tickets start from 1p only, then there’s Speed Bingo with tickets starting at 5p and then there’s Cocktail Club that’s open every day from 12pm to 1am.

You can pre-buy your tickets to the £50 Daily Affair for 1p a ticket and in the £500 Thursday Bliss for 25p where the game will be held every Thursday at 8pm.

You can also go through their funded Penny Pre-buys section and buy tickets to the Sporty Monday where doors open every Monday at 8:15pm, Tuesday Treats, Wednesday Brunch, Thursday Therapy, Friday Night Out, Saturday Take Away and Sunday Arts – that’s a whole week of 75 ball winning spree.

Top 10 places to play 75 bingo
6. Wink Bingo
Join Wink Bingo to cash in on some big wins while playing bingo on fun patterns. 

They have some exclusive 75 Ball bingo rooms such as The Hangout with special jackpots that can be won from 7:15pm to 11:15pm every 15 minutes and from 12am to 7pm every 2 hours. Tickets cost between 1p to £5, log in now and get ready to play.

The other room worth playing at is Fab 5 with special jackpot times at 12am, 6am, 10am, 3pm and 8pm with tickets costing 5p, or check out Tuttie Fruittie that you can play for 5p a ticket from 12pm to 12am and Chat’em up that can be played for 5p - 25p a ticket.

Finally, don’t miss their Huni Pot with special jackpot times from 6pm to 2am every 5 minutes where tickets can be pre-bought for 5p - 25p at 6pm.

7. William Hill Bingo
You can enjoy exciting 75 ball bingo games such as the 75 Diamond room and Deal or No Deal Bingo at William Hill Bingo

What makes the 24 hour Diamond Room a favourite among players is because in each game there are more chances to win as they give away prizes for horizontal 1 line, 2 lines, 3 lines, 4 lines and 5 lines!

Tickets are priced between 0p to 50p and the prize fund reaches £150 in The Big One. There's also a Diamond Room Bingo Linx game every night with a £1,000 guaranteed prize.

You can also keep a look out for the Buy One Get One Free games and Fair For All Games with a maximum ticket limit of 12, as well as the Little Gem and Jewel jackpots up for grabs.

In fact, you can also play the Deal or No Deal 75 Ball Bingo where tickets are priced at 5p and prizes range between £50 up to £125. Or play Stars and Stripes 75 ball pattern bingo where you get to play five game types with tickets starting at 20p and prizes ranging from £15 up to £45.

8. Foxy Bingo
Top 10 places to play 75 bingo
The stylish fox in town invites you to play some of the top 75 ball bingo games - right from Bingo Dreams with a jackpot amount of £22.13 and where Chat Host George is waiting to give away the prize to Tall Ho Bingo that opens at 3pm all the way up to 11pm. 

You could also play a round of Fab Bingo from 3pm to 1am, 1TG Winner from 6pm to 10pm, Love Me Tender to win a £9.05 and 5 Times a Lady that’s open from 11am to midnight at Foxy Bingo.

We popped into Bingo Dreams where the chat game ‘Dancing in the Streets’ was being played. When the first number ‘G’ was called the hosts would call out ‘Dancing in the Streets’ and the first, second or third player to call ‘I am so excited’ within 10 numbers wins 1,000 Bps. This game is open to funded members only who have purchased at least 1 card during the chat game.

9. Betfred Bingo
Betfred Bingo offers two exclusive 75 ball games - the Classic Seaside with a game of Butterfly BOG2F and the Wild West Saloon Room BOG2F.

The Classic Seaside has a Rollercoaster jackpot worth £71,291 while Candyfloss Coins at £500 and this seems to be one of the most active bingo rooms where CM_Maisy is constantly engaging all the 28 bingo players who are aiming for a prize worth £11.16 by trying to bingo on the Crazy Letter T.

In the Classic Seaside, you have to complete any horizontal, vertical or diagonal line in order to win. There are three types of patterns available which include - Static, Crazy and Wild. 

While Static patterns can only be won in the position displayed in the game, Crazy patterns can be rotated on your ticket and can be won in a number of ways and Wild patterns cannot be rotated but can be won on any position on the ticket.

Such type of games also have a Sub and Full Pattern and a Coverall Game where the pattern in play is split into two sections. For instance, in the Coffee Mug pattern the handle is part pattern and the mug is the second part of the pattern, either one can be marked off to win the sub pattern, but both must be marked off to win the full pattern size.

In order to win the Coverall Game you must mark off all the numbers on your ticket.

Top 10 places to play 75 bingo
10. Big Brother Bingo
Big Brother Bingo has plenty of 75 ball bingo rooms for you to choose from their pre-buy tab such as the Luxury Budget where you can win £100 Vouchers every Wednesday and Sunday in the Sunday Roast Game.

Also don’t miss the £100 Daily Windfall where CH CHLiamW will be giving away a £100 jackpot for just 1p a ticket; and finally, Big Brother Bingo also has a 75 ball Monthly Wrap Party where you can win super big prizes once a month between 7pm - 8:30pm.

Sign up now to make the most of your 75 ball bingo games across these top online bingo rooms.

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Top 10 places to play 75 bingo

If you’re looking to play 75 Ball bingo games, here’s our list of the top 10 bingo rooms which have exciting games, take a look – 

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