Celebrity Bingo – 10 Celebrities who Love Bingo

  • Catherine Zeta-Jones parents won £100,000 playing bingo
  • U2 frontman Bono is a huge bingo fan.
  • Sharon Osbourne has been one of the biggest and best celeb tie-ins with Gala Bingo.
Celebrity Bingo – 10 Celebrities who Love Bingo

We’re bonkers about bingo here. Our brilliant game is simple, fun and can be super rewarding.  If you’re a bingo fan too you’re in great company. 

It’s had a long history in churches and even the British army. Today, some very glittery names indeed have been reported to love watching the balls fall.

Bingo sites love to have a star on board for their promotions, Barbara Windsor at Jackpotjoy, and Mel B for Costa Bingo for example, but these guys love to play the game just for the fun of it. 

Here is our pick of the 10 stars who love to shout “house” as much as they love buying houses! 

1 - Catherine Zeta-Jones 
Wales’s biggest film star is reported to love getting her eyes down for a full house. It’s no surprise really as the game changed her life. Catherine’s parents won £100,000 playing bingo and were able to move to a better neighbourhood in her native Swansea, and no doubt stump up for a bit of stage school too. Catherine’s said to have her own set of balls and cards and to play the game with family every Christmas. Husband Michael Douglas, who’s had rather different problems playing with balls, has never got the bug, calling the game “bizarre”. 

2 – Robbie Williams 
The Take That man has had a wild man image in the past. That’s no barrier to having a good time with bingo though. In 2011, he came out of the bingo closet when he won a handbag in a Hollywood charity bingo tourney. Behind the scenes footage from the video of his 2011 single, Advertising Space, featured Robbie saying he played bingo when his mum and dad came to see him in LA, using his own set and the video featured a scene shot in a bingo hall. He’s also snapped Take That pal Gary Barlow calling bingo on tour. We only bingo when we’re winning!

3 - Russell Crowe 
The New Zealand-born star ought to love bingo, he earned his living from the game for a while. True to fiery form though, Russ was given the chop from his bingo calling job when his version of the famous calls started to get a bit too risqué – “number one – up yer bum” is one we can report. Despite his run in with the bingo police, he’s said to remember the time fondly and to enjoy a game to wind back after a hard day’s gladiatoring and the like. 

4 – Kate Moss
The ultimate fashion bad girl got a dangerous looking companion when she married rock star Jamie Hince in 2011. Apparently, The Kills guitarist has calmed Kate down though. And that includes playing bingo with her kids. Actress pal, Sadie Frost, says the perfect Saturday with former Champagne-guzzler Kate includes lunch with the kids and chilling out in the garden before a night with the dabbers. Good on you, Kate! 

5 – Denise Van Outen 
With her down-to-earth Essex heritage, Denise Van Outen is a natural fit with the people’s game. She was once quoted as saying: “You'll never hear me say theatre is my first love - bingo is.” Reportedly a regular in some of the bingo clubs in her native county, Denise has gone quiet on the bingo front of late, but that’s not to say she hasn’t introduced a tombola and board to Albert Square on the sly.

6 – Bono
There mega-serious, they’re mega-huge, they’re mega-everything! Yet U2 frontman Bono is a bingo fan – one of the few things he hasn’t got the Irish group’s huge audiences to get involved with on tour – imagine that, a stadium full of bingo players. The singer’s Dublin café, Mr. Pussey’s, doubled as a bingo hall, and Bono was said to love to watch from the balcony with celebrity pals. 

7 – Mick Jagger 
We’re getting a full-house of rockers here, because the biggest beast in the rock ‘n’ roll jungle, is also said to roar rather more quietly with a stack of cards and an outsized – probably personalised – marker in hand. The Rolling Stone frontman is said to love hosting big bingo bashes at his home, no doubt scoring a few more celebrity fans. Perhaps he got the taste for it as a youngster, when the likes of the Stones slogged round social clubs on their early tours, many of the theatres they played in went on to a second life as bingo halls too. 

8 - Cristiano Ronaldo 
If a dark, Latin hunk should one day come slaloming into your bingo club, it could be Real Madrid star, Cristiano Ronaldo. This unlikely obsession with the best ball game of all, started when he was a youngster away from his Portuguese home in Manchester. He was given a bingo DVD to help him deal with loneliness and to improve his English and ended up loving the game. “It can be very exciting because you can be there waiting for a long time for just the one number to make the game complete,” young Cristiano said. 

9 - Courteney Cox 
She’ll be there for you. If you want a quick game of bingo. The Friends and film star is said to love a game with friends and is also one of a string of Hollywood names – including Paris Hilton, Eric McCormack and Ricki Lake – to do duty as a caller at the celebrity charity nights at Los Angeles’s Legendary Bingo. 

10 – Sharon Osbourne
Mrs O has been one of the biggest and best celeb tie-ins with her long run as a Gala Bingo promoter. She’s a genuine fan of the game though, and used to have an information site in her name. Perhaps all those nights sitting at home back when Ozzie was an out-all-night rock n roll lunatic made her look for a fun hobby. “It's for real people and it's fun so many people enjoy it,” Sharon told the BBC. “It's very English. I love it!”

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Celebrity Bingo – 10 Celebrities who Love Bingo

We’re bonkers about bingo here. Our brilliant game is simple, fun and can be super rewarding. If you’re a bingo fan too you’re in great company.

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