Play Monopoly SNAP! at Jackpotjoy today

BingoBonkers Staff in Slots 23 Aug 2010

Monopoly SNAP!, is a thrilling new version of the exciting SNAP! game that offers 5 all new ways to win at Jackpotjoy.

Will you Turn over sets of Property Cards to win a Match Bonus? Or could you be the first to call SNAP! to win the big Game Jackpot?

If you win it in five calls you'll open the Community Chest Progressive Jackpot - and if you're playing when the Community Chest is opened you'll grab a share of it as well!

Plus, if you Buy Max Cards you'll be in with a chance of winning the Token Bonus as well.

What are the rules of Monopoly SNAP!?

Monopoly Snap! is a whole new way to play Jackpotjoy's popular SNAP! game, and it offers more ways to win than ever before!

Buying Card Hands

You can buy up to five sets of five title deeds per game.
Ticket prices will vary depending on games, please check before you purchase.

To purchase a hand, click once to select the hand, and then click again to confirm the purchase.

Your hand will be revealed as soon as you’ve confirmed your purchase.

Five ways to Win

Match Bonus
If you hold a set of the same property type in your hand you’ll automatically win a Match Bonus

Token Bonus
If you buy all five sets of title deeds – if you “BUY MAX” – you’ll qualify for a token. At the end of the game, Mr Monopoly will call out the winning token type. All players with that token will win a share of the token jackpot.

Calling SNAP!
Once the game has started the dealer will call out the title deeds one at a time. The letters S, N, A, P or ! will appear on any cards you match.
If you can match a full hand the word SNAP! will be revealed and you’ll win the game jackpot, which varies depending on the number of players at the time.
Prizes are shared if there is more than one winner at the same time, and will appear in your account automatically.

Community Chest Jackpot (pt 1)
If you match all five cards in the minimum five calls you’ll win 40% of the Community Chest Jackpot.

Community Chest Jackpot (pt 2)
If you’re playing while anyone wins the Community Chest Jackpot you’ll share of 60% with everyone playing.


Chatting is easy. Simply enter a message in the little box at the bottom of your chat screen and then press enter or click send to see your message automatically appear.
Every chat room has a Chat Host who looks after players – they’re easy to see as they type in red.

If you have any questions please ask them, they love to help – and don’t miss their regular chat games where you can win cash and prizes!

The colour that you chat in can be changed by clicking on the colour picker located at the bottom of the chat console – and you can also post smileys and icons.

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Play Monopoly SNAP! at Jackpotjoy today

Monopoly SNAP!, is a thrilling new version of the exciting SNAP! game that offers 5 all new ways to win at Jackpotjoy.

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